Check Engine Light Diagnosis


Though that bright amber or red light can bring a heavy sigh or a scowl to anyone's face, it is one of the first responses to communicate to you that something is not functioning properly with your engine control system. When the light is illuminated it serves as a reminder to have the system checked for fault codes and component failure. When the light is flashing it is cause for special concern and if left unchecked can cause severe damage to expensive vehicle components. Being able to read the codes and use the information to properly diagnose the vehicle is something we pride ourselves on. We have the equipment to run the proper tests and the training to verify results so you can count on getting the job done right. More and more commonly you will find electrical sensors wearing out or being out of specifications before actual performance is decreased or having mechanical components fail. Being able to accurately monitor different portions of the engine system allow slight changes to be made increasing power, fuel economy or how clean the system runs. Be sure to bring your vehicle by for proper diagnosis when the check engine light comes on to help keep small repair costs from turning into large misfortunes down the road. We can perform advanced diagnosis and read codes from multiple computer systems on your vehicle including but not limited to:

  • Engine Control Modules
  • Transmission Control Systems
  • Traction Control Modules
  • Brake Modules (ABS)
  • Suspension control Modules
  • Body Control Modules
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