Electrical Diagnosis and Wiring Repair


The electrical portion of vehicles has been growing by leaps and bounds. Radios have become full-on entertainment centers, having to communicate with navigation systems, satellite radio controllers and interface with a multitude of media. Instead of a series of relays we have control modules that receive, sort and transmit signals and command requests to dozens of other control modules that have particular functions and unique purposes. You need someone with experience and proper training to handle these components and diagnose systems properly. Here at Highway Auto Repair we have the tools to safely diagnose, repair or replace:

  • Body System Controls
  • Powered Seats
  • Radio and Navigation Systems
  • Electrohydraulic Components
  • Engine Control Sensors and Modules
  • Automatic Doors and Windows
  • Traction Control Systems
  • Sunroofs and Convertible Roofs
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